Communication & Language Coaching

"We are the average of the five people
we spend the most time with.”
- Jim Rohn -

My clients come back to me time and time again.
I take great pride in delivering outstanding coaching sessions.
It’s been a privilege working with the top people from different industries.
Thank you for your support and encouragement as I’ve built my business
over the past years. You probably don’t realise how powerful
an impact you have had on me.

Clients’ Experiences

“Spoločnosť die Berater®
spolupracuje s pánom
Mgr. Mariánom Chrvalom
už niekoľko rokov. Jeho individuálny
a moderný prístup ku každému zákazníkovi
spolu s využívaním interaktívnych metód
výučby mení klasický kurz anglického
resp. slovenského jazyka na moderný
tréning jazykových zručností.
Aktuálnosť tém z politického, ekonomického
a spoločenského života ako aj zohľadnenie
potrieb zákazníka je v jeho tréningoch to,
čo zákazníci najviac oceňujú.”
Mag. Andrej Steiner,
die Berater®

“Marian is a tutor supporting me to improve my
Slovak language skills since the end of 2011. My target was to better
understand and be understood, without focus on grammar or 100% correctness.
Marian managed this very well by using topics which are applicable in my daily
discussions in business and also outside the office. He helped me to reach higher
level of understanding, which also increased my self-confidence.”
Marcel van der Hoek,
Country Manager at ABB

“I must salute to
Marian’s people skills.
His intense all-encompassing creative
and enjoyable approach to English, made
me develop each of my language
skills evenly and motivated me to grow
my fondness for English beyond
the realms of a simple classroom.
Marian’s determination and attitude were
a great eye-opener to me. Thanks to the
versatility of used materials,
Marian’s coaching will satisfy every taste,
whether of a future technologist
or a businessman. I hope many more
students will have the privilege
of being taught by Marian and share
my enthusiasm and gratitude
for the priceless time spent together.“
Filip Jelinek, MEng, PhD
Student at TU Delft,

In our one-to-one training focused
on communication skills, Marian proved
to be an open-minded, outgoing
and yet professional language trainer
and therefore I recommend him to
anyone who wants to improve in
the area of business English language.
Mag. Yvonne Janko,
Head of Branch
at Oberbank AG

I've been working
with Marian Chrvala
for several years and I am grateful
for his English Language coaching.
As a language coach, Marian has done
an outstanding job in helping me to
understand and successfully manage
some of the many challenges related
to the use of English language
in my working environment. It is thanks
to his professional yet supportive style,
innovative web-based approach, wide
range of business related videos&articles
and focus on speaking skills, that I've
improved the way I communicate
with people at all levels.
Ing. Luboš Sirota, MBA,
Chairman of Board
of Directors,

“Spolupráca s pánom
Mariánom Chrvalom
bola pre mňa úplne nová skúsenosť,
ako sa dá pristupovať k učeniu
a zdokonalovaniu sa v slovenskom jazyku.
Výber a prispôsobovanie aktuálnych tém bez
použitia tradičného spôsobu výučby a literatúry,
bolo pre mňa veľmi pútavé a motivujúce.
Každé stretnutie bolo konverzačne a konzultačne
zamerané na konkrétne príklady z mojej praxe,
čo vnímam ako najväčší prínos pre môj rozvoj.
Pána Mariána Chrvalu odporúčam
nie len ako trénera, ale aj ako plnohodnotného
partnera pre výučbu slovenského jazyka.”
Florin Vodita,
M.A., Ph.D, Ambassador
of Romania

Marian adds real
value to individuals and
companies who want to achieve
outstanding language results in
an efficient way. By using sample
scripts of famous speakers, rehearsing
of real-life situations & surefire strategies,
Marian provided me with everything
I need to do business in English.
I am amazed how easy it is to express
myself and how well people respond
to the right words at the right time.
Marian’s extraordinary combination
of emphatic coaching, language
expertise and business insight will
provide an accelerated path to any
professional who is serious about
language development.
Ing. Tatiana Civáňová,

Marian is an amazing
person who is full of inspiration
for me and others as well.
After each coaching session I feel relaxed,
motivated and ready to deliver
another presentation in English language.
He has worked hard and shown
commitment beyond what is normally
expected of a language trainer.
I thank him for that commitment
and hard work and would not hesitate
to use him again.
Ján Mišovič,
regulatory expert
at ZSE Distribúcia,

“I find Marian exceptional because
of his ability to help students become
passionate about English and
I love his highly professional approach.”
Kristína Krištúfková Bc,
Slovak Technical

Marian´s style of teaching English is totally
different from the traditional boring classes you have experienced
at your secondary school. Lessons with him were both exciting
and motivating for me. The selection of up-to-date topics in combination with
his excellent people skills and clear explanations are a guarantee of a quick progress.
If you want to pass your school leaving examination
and shine in your class, just study with Marian.
Tomas Labuda Bc

Marian’s tailor-made
training methods go way
beyond the standard language
school lectures.A clever mix of up-to-date
materials from the web reflected my
field of work and professional needs.
Not to mention, the focus of our meetings
was not grammar as such, but business
English skills and speaking strategies.
Having attended Marian’s lessons
I successfully passed a BEC Vantage
exam at British Council and I confidently
use English in everyday business
communication. Delivering important
presentations to the top management has
become a breeze and I am able to defend
my ideas in tough business discussions.
Looking back, it was one of the best
investments I have ever made
and it has clearly paid off.
Mag. Miroslav Lidak,
IT Project Manager, 
Erste Group

마리안 흐르발라는 저의 슬로박 선생님입니다.
항상 긍정적인 마인드로 적극적으로 가르칩니다. 마리안과 공부하는 동안 저의
슬로박은 큰 진전이 있었습니다. 마리안에게 배운다면 유쾌한 마음으로 공부할 수 있을
것입니다. 지금은 또한 저의 베스트프렌드가 되었네요.
박강구, Arirang 매니저

S Marianom absolvujem
kurz anglického jazyka. Oceňujem najmä
vysoko profesionálny prístup a metódy
výučby, ktoré však zároveň dokážu
zaujať a riešiť individuálne jazykové potreby,
ktoré odo mňa vyžaduje moja profesia.
Ing. Mária Berithová,
Generálny sekretár,
Slovensko - Rakúska
obchodná komora

Mariána poznám
už viac než štrnásť rokov a za svoje
jazykové znalosti vďačím práve jemu.
Hodiny nikdy neboli monotónne.
Témy vyberal s ohľadom na najnovšie
správy zo sveta z rôznych oblastí a neraz
som informácie z hodín angličtiny využila
aj v bežnom živote. Marián ma však naučil
oveľa viac než len cudzí jazyk. Naučil ma
dochvíľnosti, precíznosti, ako sa správne
vyjadrovať v písomnej i slovnej komunikácii
v angličtine, a tak mi skutočne
dal možnosť uplatniť sa v dnešnom
neustále súťaživom svete.
Veronika Horváthová,
Media Researcher/Analyst
at Embassy
of the Republic
of Korea

Marian is very well
prepared and highly motivating. His teaching
style is very energetic and geared towards acquiring
usable language skills. He also pays attention to conveying
insights about Slovak culture, economic and political life. Thanks to
his tuition I was able to develop a basic command of Slovak which
enables me to cope with everyday situations and work-related tasks
Dr. Guido Glania, Managing Director,
Deutsch-Slowakische Industrie
und Handelskammer

Thanks to Marian and his
coaching skills I am more self-confident and
fluent in business English. Marian's enthusiastic
personality and charisma make him an outstanding
language coach whom I fully recommend
to everybody.
Ján Badžgoň, Chairman of the Board
and General Manager,
Castor & Pollux a.s.

One-to-one language
coaching with Marian brings many wonderful
benefits. It's dynamic, effective and more interactive than other
traditional language courses. It offers fresh perspective on business topics
while still focused on the transfer of language knowledge
and business culture..
Ing. Stanislav Molčan,
Country Manager, GTS Slovakia, s.r.o.

Thanks to Marian's passionate
approach I have dramatically improved
my English and I feel more comfortable when conducting
business in English. I regard Marian as an experienced
language coach who I fully recommend to those who want to
brush up their language skills and boost their self-confidence
Ing. Marek Kottman,
Finance Director, GTS Slovakia, s.r.o.

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