Marian Chrvala - Language Coach

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
- Aristotle -

You can learn to talk to anyone,
anytime, anywhere. And this is how.

Interactive Approach
I believe in saying NO to textbooks
so that I can focus on what is meaningful.
The communication. Communication
is the most decisive factor
in business and in life.

Knowledge is power
We live in an information age where knowledge
is critical to everything we do. THE ART OF TALK ,
language coaching of English or Slovak, offers
a dynamic, information-driven approach with the right mix
of up-to-date topics and materials. The goal is not just
to fix your weaknesses but to amplify your
strengths so you can perform better
at your job.

A good teacher makes
sure that you learn
foundational skills. He drills
into you habits that are still
fresh in your mind. This is
what a teacher does;
they teach the skills
and habits necessary
for success.

Coaching has its roots
in athletics, where experienced
coaches offer advice, guidance,
encouragement and feedback to help elite
athletes fine-tune their performance.
A coach will teach you how to master the skills.
Elite individuals might also need a coach
to fine-tune their performance.
By language coaching, I mean a process of
perfecting the language skills you need to achieve
a specific personal or professional goal within
a preferred time period. As your language
coach, my role is to assist you, give direction,
create training situations and help you
to take the skills you have already
learned in a traditional classroom
and integrate them into real-life

It is helpful to have
someone with whom
you can speak a foreign
language without
fear of embarrassment or
appearing weak or indecisive.
You will never maximise your
potential in any area without
coaching. It is impossible.
You may be good. You may
even be better than everyone
else. But without outside
input you will never be
as good as you
could be.


It’s not
WHAT you say,
but HOW
you say it

Communication is about
the message and delivery.
You can have innovative
ideas, but if you can't deliver
them in a way that connects
with people and relates
to them in a meaningful
way, you won't get results.

Vocabulary enables us to
interpret and express our
ideas. So, if we have
limited vocabulary,
we will also have
a limited vision and
a limited future.


You are “The Subject
Matter” expert, you are
very good at what you do.
That's the reason why
you are hired, trained,
retrained and promoted.

You have had extensive
training and experience
in the performing
your job, but very little
training in effectively
presenting your
ideas to others
in a foreign

Traditional methods
have their limits and
they have run their
course. Technology
has moved on over
the last few years and
people choose to learn
in a whole new way.
Did you know that

of learning comes
from real life
and on-the-job
BY DOING' mantra.

from feedback,
and observing
other people

Only 10% comes from
formal study, such as grammar
drills and vocabulary?

Time is the most valuable thing.
Yet people spend a lot of
time, energy and money on
traditional learning courses,
which by their nature, start
with their own agendas
and textbooks rather than
with your situation.

This is where I step in with THE ART OF TALK. I’ve been places,
I’ve seen things. My coaching is useful and practical not only by itself,
but through effective linkage to your organisation & your current
work situation. The combination of YOUR knowledge and MY
language experience will get you from where you are
now to where you want to be in the future.

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