Communication & Language Coaching

“ A's attract A's while B's attract C's.“
- Karen Marie Moning -


Authentic, relevant and up-to-date

With tailor-made language 
coaching I inspire those who 
need to improve their 
communication skills 
to realise their dreams
and maximize their
full potential.

To live without
language barriers where
communication is not
only possible, but fluid.

Communication matters.

Key Terms

It means to articulate
words, to speak or discuss
something. When you talk
face to face, you want to interact
with your environment, that is
with people. You want to express
your ideas, feelings and emotions.
Perhaps you want to tell a story.
Or maybe you just need
someone to do something.
Persuading people around you
is a vital skill in the
workplace. Without it,
you’ll simply
be ineffective.

Flow is the fluidity of something.
I think of lava flowing from a volcano,
the music flowing through you or water
flowing down a riverbed. I also think of
a rapper not pausing between words.
He just flows. A good guitar player flows.
When you watch someone flow
it seems effortless, almost like art.
When you flow, your attention
is fully focused, you are in the zone,
you push yourself to excel and you are
so absorbed that you lose track of time.
Your action is automatic. You experience
total enjoyment, which will also
result in increased confidence
and better performance.
That state of total concentration
is called "flow" and those
who love their jobs enter
it very often.

To optimize your performance,
I challenge you to flow today.
Go ahead and flow.

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